Substance Abuse Services

At Community Wellness Partners of NC PLLC we believe in helping those struggling with addiction by treating them as a person with a disease not as an addict.  At the center we have Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists (LCAS's) and Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC's) to help clients and their families through addiction and recovery.  We offer:

  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Mild & Moderate Treatment Groups
  • Individual Counseling & Support
  • Educational & Supportive Groups for Friends & Family Members

Our treatment groups are affordable even for those without insurance and we offer groups at varying times.  We are continually adding groups at different times and days.

***Families in Recovery Group***

Group begins Tuesday, February 2nd, 6-8pm.  This is a FREE group for friends and family members of those struggling with addiction.  Call 704-284-0554 to register

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